Valued Island City Massage Customers,


Unfortunately, we are unable to accept bookings for treatments at this time.


Please understand this is a very difficult time for both this business and myself as the owner, and I am working hard to open my doors as soon as possible. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Text/Call: 954-882-0473

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Why are we closed?

Those closest to me will know that the past three years have seen this business grow. With the prospect of hiring staff and expanding this operation on the horizon, I decided a new location was required to facilitate the level of growth I expected. I found the perfect location just over the river in Oakland Park and began the work on creating a beautiful space to perform treatments. Unfortunately, the city does not agree. Up front I faced an uphill battle with the zoning department as they have a regulation against two spas being within a specified distance from one another. When I opened, the only spa within the distance was not a licensed massage practice, and thus I thought I was in the clear. The city did not agree, and refuses to grant me a variance. I have appealed multiple times to both the zoning department and city politicians with no success.