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Product Endorsements


I've done the research to find and bring you the best products that can help us live a healthier life. Whether you're dealing with a nagging injury or just need some relief from everyday aches and pains, these products are my favorite ways build and maintain a lifestyle that is full of happiness and stress free.

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 To most people, coming to the studio for a massage is a solution to an injury. Maybe you were moving boxes and now your lower back hurts or perhaps you just spend 10+ hours on a drive to paradise. There's tons of ways we work with recent injuries at the studio and this product is always part of the homework people receive on the way out.

To me, the most effective way to heal an injury is having a routine rich in fresh blood. That means that our circulation holds all the healing qualities needed by our body. The way I like to explain it is by drawing your attention to mother nature.  

Let's imagine walking to Fort Lauderdale Beach and sticking a metal post on the edge of the water. The first wave will not have the power to uplift it but over the course of the day, one wave after another, eventually the post will come out of the sand. Our injuries works the same way. In this case, our injuries are the same at the metal post and the tides are the routines we need to create in order to heal. Keep this heating pad by your bedside to easily add it to a routine you can keep. 

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